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Elemental web accessibility

How to use our website

We are committed to providing an accessible and usable website for all its users. We appreciate that your needs are as individual as you are, and thus we have done our best to cater for you whilst complying with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

This website has been designed and built to adhere with the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Accessibility Initiative (W3C WAI) guidelines wherever possible, and includes many features that allow easier access for users with special requirements. We've also endeavoured to follow the World Wide Consortium (W3C) The Mobile Web Initiative and its best practices  to build an accessible and useful mobile web version of its site. To view accessibility guidelines visit and

- Text only (low graphics)
- Documents
- Dynamic and rich content
- Keyboard shortcuts 
- Access keys
- Elemental access keys 
- RSS Feeds
- Sitemap
- External help
- Terms of use 
- Feedback

To view a text-only (no styles or low graphics) version of WebPages click on the Text Only link for the duration of your browser session, Elemental WebPages will display without styles. 

Text Size
There are numerous ways that you can change the size of your text to make it easier to read. They are as follows:

• Hold down the CTRL key and press the minus (-) and plus (+) keys to decrease and increase the size of your font. The CTRL key and then zero (0) are for normal-sizing.

• If your mouse has a wheel, pressing CTRL and using the wheel on your mouse increases and decreases the text size on your screen.

• To customise your browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari or similar) go to View, and then select Text Size.

Alternatively, use the processes below.

OS Brower Action
Windows Google Chrome CRTL +/-/0 Increase/Decrease/Normal for Text Size
Windows Internet Explorer 5+ View + Text Size
Windows Mzilla View + Increase/Decrease Text Size
Windows Netscape 6+ View + Text Size
Windows Netscape 7 View + Text Size
Mac Opera 7 View + Text Zoom
Mac Safari View + Make Text Bigger/Smaller 
Mac Internet Explorer 5+ View + Text Zoom 
Mac Mozilla View + Increase/Decrease Text Size
Mac Netscape 7 View + Text Zoom
Mac Opera Use menu on 'progress' bar 

Clicking on documents on the Elemental Website (e.g. Excel, plain text, PowerPoint, Word, PDFs and so on) will open them in a new window. Right clicking the documents will present the option to save the file.

Visit Adobe and Microsoft (or equivalents) to download document viewers.
Dynamic and rich content
Dynamic and rich content may be embedded and served throughout the Elemental website (including apps, content, images, photographs, video and similar content) maybe also be downloaded or shared. However, you bare full responsibility of the safety of the material you interact with, share and/or download. 

Keyboard Short Cuts
For a list of the most common keyboard short cuts:

Mozilla Firefox keyboard shortcuts
• Apple Operating systems, Apple's Universal Access Guide
Internet Explorer Step-by-Step Tutorials for Microsoft guidance for versions 6, 7, 8 and 9
Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts (Linux, Mac and Windows)

Access Keys
Different browsers require slightly different key combinations to use an access key. Below are instructions for a range of more popular browsers.

OS Browser Action
Windows Google Chrome Alt + Access Key, Enter
Windows Internet Explorer 4+ Alt + Access Key, Enter
Windows Mozilla Alt + Access Key 
Windows Netscape 6+ Alt + Access Key
Windows Opera 7  Shift + Esc, Access Key 
Mac OS X Safari  Ctrl + Access Key 
Mac OS X Internet Explorer 5+  Ctrl + Access Key 
Mac OS X Mozilla Ctrl + Access Key 
Mac OS X Netscape 6+ Ctrl + Access Key 

Elemental website Access Keys 
Here are the Access Keys available for the Elemental website, so you do not have to use your mouse to navigate the main sections of the site.

Action Access keys
Skip navigation S
Site map 3
Access key details 0
Home 1
About A
Services E
Work W
Media M
Blog B
Contact C

RSS Feeds
To subscribe with Elemental’s RSS feeds click on the hyperlinks at our RSS Webpage or via your RSS reader choosing which content you wish to receive.

Additionally, you may choose specific clients' RSS feeds that are of interest from our RSS Webpage. To learn more about how our RSS Feeds work and how to subscribe to them, visit our about RSS feeds pages.

You can also navigate our website through our sitemap

External help
The most comprehensive guidelines for assistance for guidelines that we have found are by the BBC. Visit their accessibility webpages at that provides details information on how you can change your personal preferences that may assist you with navigating and enjoying the Elemental site.

In addition to this you may also wish to refer to the following for further reading and assistance.

Ability Net

The Royal National Institution for the Blind

The Literacy Trust 

The British Dyslexia Association

Terms of use and policy
Read the Elemental’s Terms and Website Privacy to learn more about our Website policy.

We welcome and appreciate your feedback on any aspect of our site, and in particular how accessible you find navigating and interacting with the website. Use our contact form to submit feedback.

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