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8 June 2012

Frost & Sullivan seek to answer social media business questions

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

Frost & Sullivan, the research company has released research compiled from four businesses in an attempt to answer social media questions. In its 'mastering the social media universe infographic', Frost & Sullivan (along with the Growth Team Membership) explores questions from powerhouses The Consumer Electronics Company, DuPont, Cisco and Microsoft. Standout statistics that the infographic highlights includes 81% of B2B companies report using some kind of social media network and 32% of those companies describe their efforts as below average.


The term social media has been around for quite some time (although for early adopters the elements have been around longer than many realise) and has slowly built credibility with businesses, the focus has shifted from the need to get involved to mastering and demonstrating it.


Examples of questions the four reports (one for each of the above companies) cover include what are the components of an effective social media strategy (strategy); how do I run a social media pilot (oversight); how do I improve core media capabilities companywide (capability); and how social engage brand advocates (advocacy).


To review the excerpts from each of the reports from Frost & Sullivan visit the below, which strives to demonstrate how businesses are taking on social media and succeeding via guidebooks that have been created (which are social media case studies). Although the infographic was recently added, it’s not clear when infographic was created or how old the guidebooks are, or when they were released.


Frost & Sullivan social media guidebooks (case studies)

Operationalizing a B2B social media centre of excellence

Building a B2B social media marketing competency

Capitalising on social media to drive an effective product launch

The Consumer Electronics Company
Activating social media strategy within an organisation


Mastering the social media universe infographic

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