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14 June 2012

Factiva on Twitter content curation and the devaluation of journalism

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

Photograph of David Chivers vice president, Factiva products at Dow Jones & CompanyDavid Chivers vice president, Factiva products at Dow Jones & Company tells Social Media Portal (SMP) how the free-only models have had an impact upon businesses and how publishers are reacting via pay walls. He explains, “The low point for the information industry as a whole happened when there was an expectation that all content should be free due to the availability of free content on the Web.”


He adds, “I believe this trend significantly devalued premium content and professional journalism. As a result, professionals were making business decisions based on content from non-credible sources and learned that hard way that not all content is the same or can be trusted, which ultimately impacted their business.”



Later in the interview he shares how things are now transitioning, with similar sentiments shared with the recent reporting of the Washington Post grappling with content models by The Guardian.


Recently, Factiva announced adding Twitter content to its product suite and shared with SMP more on how it works and why business intelligence is increasingly important to brands. Ten year-old Factiva sources content from nearly 200 countries, in 26 languages and across 31 industries. Factiva tries to base content on the business needs of its customers and focuses on relevant geographies, roles and industries of interest. It reviews content across all mediums including newspapers, newswires, publications, social media, and multimedia.


Twitter curated content from Factiva sources tweets from the most influential global influencers adding to the information gathered from its traditional sources and blogs. Its editorial staff will use technology and selective means to choose content for its product an attempt to bring the best and the most relevant research for its clients.

Image of Factiva homepage

Chivers continues, “Factiva leverages a combination of technology and editorial staff to curate content from Twitter’s “firehose.” The curated Twitter content in Factiva covers 31 industries, including energy, financial services and technology, with a focus on the most influential tweeters from around the globe.


“The real-time content is available via Factiva Snapshot, a news dashboard that helps businesses to efficiently gather intelligence and identify trends, opportunities and risks. And, this is just the start. We expect to continue to add services involving Twitter content,” adds Chivers.


In the interview Chivers reveals the challenges of keeping up-to-date with the demands of clients in a recent interview and how their greatest fears are evolving with social media networks. He also boldly offers advice on how business can manage their own content and work better with social media and networks in addition to sharing in what he deems to be the greatest areas that business should focus upon throughout the rest of 2012 and into 2013.


Elemental, is the communications consultancy that created and manages the Social Media Portal (SMP). SMP interviewed Factiva in a recent article published on and for SMP.


A version of this article first appeared on Technorati.

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