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2 August 2012

Is your business and employees ready to handle social media?

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

Thank goodness we’re nearly moving past what seems the age-old debate where day to day social media should sit (obviously in-house with the brand), now we’re onto skilling up employees. The mindflash ‘How to train your employees to handle social media’ infographic strives to offer summary insight on how employees can be ingratiated into the world of social media.


For years the ‘big’ debate has been whether a brands daily social media activity should sit with a social media agency, or managed in-house with the brand. For anyone working with digital marketing, online PR and similar channels for quite a while (and I mean more than 10 years or so) this thought process would have been quite straightforward, but it’s taken a while for this to sink in. Or, has it? Even as recent as this year, we’ve seen social media conferences with tracks that debate this very point, but lets hope that the fact that there are infographics such as this, the debate may move on and tackle more important issues that both brands and social media consultants or agencies need to address.


Mindflash highlights a very important, but frequently omitted viewed from the powers that be – the workforce is the best social media team that the brand possesses. The infographic surmises that throughout 2012, 48% of senior financial executives feel that social media will be an important component of corporate marketing and 53% of business executives expect corporate social media to increase over the next year. The research gleaned from Radion6 and Social Business News also states that although many businesses allow employees unrestricted access to social media, 76% do not have a social media policy.


The infographic outlines two main options to tackle the issue of managing social media; hiring a social media agency, or enabling employees to manage social media in-house. We’ll leave it to you to run this the data visualisation that identifies issues such as the type of individuals, resources, steps, users and questions it asks of businesses in an attempt to achieve social media success. It’s a shame there wasn’t an approach to consider a combination of the two, assessing the need to consider consultancy, bringing expertise in-house in when needed and how to do this - another time-old debate.


Is the next debate do we need really social media agencies, consultants and departments, or should this be managed seamlessly, integrated with all other facets within a brand (is there far too much emphasis upon social media)? Appreciating and understanding social media is a must and you’ve got to do more doing than accommodating for it. My concern is that when there is hunger for a social media policy that it’s not inclusive enough and doesn’t encompass every relevant essence of making a business successful. Is a comms approachand strategy that is flexible and not a slave to social media a better direction to consider?


How to train your employees to handle social media mindflash infographic


How To Train Your Employees To Handle Your Social Media

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