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14 January 2013

ITV unveils global rebrand

Rachel Hawkes, account director, Elemental By Rachel Hawkes

ITV colour match logoBroadcaster ITV has today unveiled its new identity and rebrand across all ITV properties around the world, including all five ITV channels in the UK and its online on demand platform ITV Player.

The new global identity is part of ITV’s ‘Transformation Plan’ and the brand feels the new look will unify the brand internationally.  All of ITV Studio’s local production offices, including studios in America, France, Germany and Australia, will also take on the new brand identity.  

ITV’s group director of marketing and research Rufus Radcliffe, who was one of the team that led the rebrand comments, “Viewers now have access to hundreds of channels and are forming relationships with digital brands that did not exist a few years ago.  The rebranding of ITV will allow us to further cement the relationship in viewers’ minds between our shows and the ITV brand that produces and broadcasts them.  Today we are unveiling a new brand identity across the whole of ITV, including ITV plc, our network of channels,, ITV Studios Global Entertainment (ITVS GE) and ITV Studios, both in the UK and around the world.”

As part of the rebrand, ITV1 will become simply ITV, and the other four channels, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, CITV, all have new logos and colour schemes that reflect their individual programming.  The new logo’s colour/s will adapt and blend to the tone and colour scheme of the programme (as pictured above).

UK viewers will also see a new range of ‘idents,’ which will show moments from everyday life around the country.  Phil Lind, ITV Creative’s creative director comments, “Idents play an important role in navigating viewers to the next show as well as providing a clear brand positioning across the network.  Rather than having a small range of idents we are going to have a much broader, more eclectic range.  We have cast the British public to find the magic moments of life.  These idents will update throughout the year, and better reflect the mood of the day, the season or time of year.”

ITV’s news studio’s have also had a revamp, both on-air and online, with the colour palette primarily blue to ‘complement ITV’s authoritative news output.’

The rebrand was managed in-house by ITV Creative with specialist support from companies and individuals in the areas of design, font and set design.

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