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15 February 2013

Data visualisation asks if social media can predict Oscar winners

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

There is a growing amount of outcomes being predicted by social media metrics lately, often with varying levels of success.  The Oscars scheduled to broadcast live on Sunday, 24 February sets the perfect scene to ascertain which nominees could be walking away with Hollywood’s most coveted prizes ahead of the Academy Awards Oscars ceremony using social media.


Image of Brandwatch 'Social Oscars' data visualisationA fantastic interactive data visualisation entitled the ’Social Oscars' by social data company Brandwatch, in association with The Credits predicts potential winners by analysing the social ‘juice’ of Oscar nominees. According to Brandwatch less than 5,800 professional vote and there is much social buzz around the films, actors et al leading up to the awards. It also claims that the data visualisation goes beyond solely focusing upon predictions and reveals both critic and public opinion - highlighting the nominees that are most discussed within digital environments and most mentioned as likely contenders.


By choosing a type of Academy Award on the left hand side of the graphic, users can then select a nominee to reveal more statistics from each. This includes the Critics and Public where comments and sentiment were compared, highlighting the difference between what is described as authority and public opinion. Brandwatch describes the percentage value of the award buzz appointed to each nominee category; the green band refers to positive nature of the nominee, which is used to build the league tables.


On the right the visualisation shows a summary including Critics Choice (by volume of positive mentions), Public Choice (by volume of positive mentions), Predicted Oscars Award Table and then Statistics on the bottom comprising of nominee e.g. name, age, previous awards and so on. Read more about how the impressive data visualisation works and the results from the creators blog.

Technorati recently covered how social media measurement predicted two out of four GRAMMY winners by activ8social and there is no doubt that this type analysis is only set to intensify. We’re looking forward to how the results pan out and indeed how they compare to the predictions. The 85th Academy Awards is broadcast live on Sunday, 24 February, keep up with ceremony social goodness from Oscar Buzz.


Brandwatch 'Social Oscars' Infographic

Social Oscars

A version of this article appears at Technorati.

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