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26 February 2013

What’s the impact of cross media?: The Publishing & Media Expo 2013

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

Imgage of Publishing & Media Expo and the Social Media Poral (SMP)The premier media and publishing event of the year kicks off today, but how can delegates take advantage of the Publishing & Media Expo (PME) 2013? Well, from 26-27 February, Earls Court 2, London is the home everything that media professionals and publishers need to get their eyes and heads around – soaking up as much as possible.


For those that don’t know, PME is billed as a publishing conference with something for the whole publishing team whether attendees work in marketing, distribution, management, design, production, print, editorial and circulation.


The media and publishing industry has been taking heat for a number of years with many well-known and lesser businesses suffering including those in digital environments, internet mobile and technology. Although the current market is often described as a do or die scenario for publishers in particular with many admitting that they need o be more flexible to adopting to the rapid developments in their market, they’ll be the first to admit they have embraced it with open arms.


Having met some smaller, but established publishers recently we know the challenges that they face and as with many other industries we’ve worked across. Many of the challenges they face are from within the business itself, so it’s a case of be part marketer and part John Harvey-Jones. Unfortunately, we’ve seen some bizarrely take the safe and predictable route, not fully understanding how to maximise the lifeblood of their industry – content and how to implement, manage and nurture it effectively. If this is you, then PME is a great platform to rectify the situation. If it’s not you, then it’s a great opportunity to keep doing what you’re doing well. Lets face it; we’ve seen publishers that write about the sector come a cropper… and they’re supposedly the experts and commentators. There is more making publishing work in such changing and challenging times than it seems (or is there?). The point is, you really have to get in amongst it.


PME is sharing a venue with UBM’s International Direct Marketing Expo (IDMX), the Online Advertising & Affiliate Expo (OA&A) and Technology for Marketing (TFM&A), so not only do you benefit from all the publishing goodness you are in the best possible place to pinpoint areas of expertise that could be healthy for the business – all related to the industry.


Image of Publishing & Media Expo iPhone mobile appThere is no excuse not to stay in the loop with the Publishing & Media Expo also having its own app. It allows you to create their personal show agenda; add speakers, exhibitors and contacts; receive conference push notifications of the latest PME news and add favourites from content discovered.


Tune into PME via Twitter @publishingexpo and Twitter hash tag #publishingmediaexpo. PME is also social from Facebook and LinkedIn.


Conferences should always be 24-7, 365 and although many publishers and event organisers don’t achieve this – this shouldn’t stop you. Ensure to keep abreast of what’s happening during and especially post expo until next year… starting with the above.


News and information site the Social Media Portal (SMP) is a media partner for the Publishing & Media Expo. Elemental is the creator of SMP, releasing the site in 2007. You can read the full press release in the Elemental media centre. SMP is resource that interviews, preview and socially driven interests and is not limited to subject matter including content strategy, design, digital, mobile,
social media and technology.

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