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19 April 2013

Introducing the Marketers Events Calendar infographic

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

Thumbnail image of Marketers Events Calendar infographicThere have been a number of events relevant to marketers so far this year, but with Spring here, it really seems we're about to hit ‘event season.’


The Marketers Events Calendar will help planning for the year ahead, but also help professionals  get an idea of what will take place next year, allowing better planning of time and budget. The infographic covers content strategy, data, digital, marketing, mobile, PR and social media. It’s balanced by a mix of the largest conferences by event organisers, publishers in addition to smaller, independent and niche events. It includes a few niche events that can some drop under the radar unless you’re probably immersed in the sector a little more.


The Marketers Events Calendar is not an exhaustive list (so it’s not a case of us forgetting any). It was also designed to be an organic project that will be updated periodically as things change or are added. We’ve also included a few resources to help indentify other conferences, events, exhibitions and/or training.


The details

We’ve obviously included details such as the location (where known), website address, Twitter accounts - enough for you to go off and find out more about the events that interest you most. We’ve also included a hash tags where available (and goodness knows how an event loves a hash tag these days), so even if you don’t attend, you may get a sense of what is happening by following its stream/s. Or, if you’re at the event, be the eyes and ears for the rest of us.


Make sure you double-check the date, venue and other details in advance before, booking and attending. We’ve made every effort to ensure they’re correct, but sometimes they may change, so better to be safe than sorry… don’t go turning up somewhere only to find the venue or date was changed and then point your finger our way!


Do you have an event you'd like to tell us about?

If you’re organising an event in the UK (regardless of its location) and you want to get the word out, but you can’t find it in the Marketers Events Calendar, all is not lost. You can add it (free) to the events section of Social Media Portal (SMP)*. Please note the inclusion requirements for conferences, events, seminars and/or training before you add any content. We’ll be updating the calendar regularly, and we’ll be drawing from events that are added to SMP.


For updates on Events Calendar for Marketers drop by again to review or keep it locked on @elementalcomms and @smponline to keep up-to-date.  The hashtag for the infographic is #MECinfographic.


What events will you be going to throughout 2013 and why? Do let us know…
Read the press release about the infographic, if you're that way inclined.

* SMP is a social news and information site created by Elemental in 2007

Marketers Events Calandar infographic

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