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20 December 2013

Business and residential service seeker updates Apple iOS app

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

A client and friends of Elemental, seeker has given its app a refresh for Apple iOS.

Image of seeker man logoAs we head to the last weekend of shopping, seeker releases its app tuning into the needs of users and its customers.  The background on seeker is that it’s a business and residential directory service created specifically for use on smartphones, available for free on both iOS and Android devices.

The seeker directory is built from databases licensed by content providers including and DA Services, updated and verified by seeker’s UK call centre. It adheres to strict data and information policies.  It’s one of only very few directory services that caters for both business and residential listings.  It's free for users and businesses to search for what they need and is available in Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA.  Developed, privately owned and operated by German directory publisher Krick Group, a publishing firm that was founded in 1946.

The app is specifically built for smartphones and is available on both iPhone or Android devices.  Users can also search the seeker database on the web via their desktop.  Seeker is also one of the only directory services that cater for both business and residential listings.

What is the seeker app?

Seeker helps people find amenities and services near to them such as cash points, hotels, mini cab firms, restaurants, shops etc., with built in maps to help users get there.
The app also provides residential search for customers, so that they can locate individuals that publish their details in off or online telephone directories. In addition to being free for users to download from the Apple App Store for the iPhone and Google Play for Android, it can be used on the web.  Cyclists can use the app to check the availability of bicycle rental stations London (England, UK) - Barclays Cycle Hire (also known as Boris bike).  The same is available for participating Boston and Washington D.C. areas (USA).

Image of seeker Apple iOS app updateWhat does the seeker iOS app updates bring?

Seeker updated its iOS app recently with the core of the improvements including the below.

• Changes to the layout and interface
• Worldwide availability using Google Places data or by referencing local services
• New 'Wiki Local' function: Wikipedia listings with places of interest and local information for your immediate location
• Extra search options within a list of results
• Better display of additional results using batches
• Ability to alter the location view in maps

Klaus D. Mapara, CEO at seeker explains the reason for the update in a Christmas fuelled news update,  “We’re all about the evolving the user experience at seeker.  With this in mind, we’ve made updates that put users more in control what they need to find. Above all, once they’ve found what they need, we’ve empowered them further with additional information on a local level with the means to get there easily using maps in an intuitive way. 

An example of this is our new Wiki Local option which displays deep and rich content to users allowing them to access local information near to them – quickly.”

As we approach the end of the year, it’s clearly been challenging for large organisations, medium sized businesses and small medium enterprises (SMEs). Next year is set to be just as competitive, if not more so.  Businesses will encounter a number of issues that will either force them to embrace change, or even resist it using a different flavour with new approaches, or sadly we’ll see them where they really don’t want to be.

Mapara realises this and hopes that businesses can embrace change by doing more than just being visible, “In an ever-competitive marketplace, your business needs to do more than stand out.  The seeker iOS update is an important development for businesses that need to be visible on mobile devices, smartphones and the web more than ever.  This is important especially if they wish to be more accessible whilst in customer’s hands. The user-friendly seeker app builds on dwell time, allowing customers to learn more your business enticing them to visit your online or physical store.  With the Google Places data, you can display useful information such as your opening hours, services and images. This option enables people to learn more about what they are looking for right from their mobile device, vastly improving their user experience.”

With movement in the directory marketplace faceing its own long and obvious battles, what is ahead will be interesting to see played out.  With Yellow Pages hibu calling in the administrators earlier this year, if there was ever a time to innovate, it’s now.   Although, clearly for some it’s far too late with no chance of recovery.
The seeker app and iOS updates can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch.  Seeker is also available for Android users in the Google Play store. There’s also a mobile web version in addition to it being accessible via the Internet using computers and laptops.  Stay tuned for more updates from seeker in the New Year.

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