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26 September 2011

86% of users want social network Facebook to lose new changes

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

How much does social network Facebook annoy users with frequent changes?  Facebook is no stranger to change, which under different circumstances is never a bad thing.  It often makes updates to its privacy policy, management of it and functionality of the social network (including it design), often under pressure resulting in changes that users vocally reject in the strongest terms. 

This Facebook Facelift: Like It or Lose It? infographic by SodaHead takes a look at the fallout from the most significant changes to date from its recent f8 developer conference, its new product Timeline.

Rachel covered the Facebook's overall of its News Feed earlier in the week, the launch of its new product Timeline at the f8 developer conference last Thursday and this infographic illustrates user reaction to this. 

According to SodaHeads results (from 1,049 votes), 86% of Facebook users want the social network to lose its new changes wit women and teens most resistant to changes. The research claims that they are almost twice as likely to dislike the changes than men or young adults.  Although it's not a large sample, the infographic also presents figures on the type of audience on Facebook, who likes the changes, and a few statistics on Facebook's partners instrumental in its forthcoming development.

Regardless of the outcry, the changes are coming with plenty more to accompany it, Like it or not.

Facebook Facelift: Like it or lose it? infographic by SodaHead

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