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12 November 2012

A Bigger Bang! marketing event to arrive In London today

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

Today friends of Elemental, Cognifide are hosting the first in its A Bigger Bang! events series Digital Marketing: "How to do more with less?"


Bigger Bang! in association with Rackspace and in partnership with Sitecore is to be held at The Soho Hotel from 12:00 to 15:00 with a focus upon marketing efficiency. Cognifide is creating a great platform for marketers to network in a friendly environment to debate and share learning.


Image of the A Bigger Bang! marketing event

They’ve handpicked a great panel from agency, brand and technology-side that can share their expertise and will welcome any questions throughout the day. The great and the good chaired and hosted by Miro Walker, CEO at Cognifide include (click on the hyperlinks for in-depth interviews with each at the Social Media Portal (SMP)):

Agency veteran Chris Arnold
Social media consultant Jemima Gibbons
Paul Bolt director of enterprise channel sales and marketing Rackspace
Chris Vezey sales director company at Sitecore UK

In addition to the panel discussion, the speakers will cover the following subjects, with time afterwards for a few Q&As.

Chris Vezey will cover:

  • Delivering a multi-channel campaign
  • What’s good if you do and what’s bad, if you don’t
  • Three capabilities and five steps

Jemima Gibbons will cover:

  • The 4Cs of Social Media Marketing
  • The "Broadcast Paradigm" and how to avoid it
  • SlowTech and other golden rules for keeping sane

Chris Arnold will cover:

  • Challenge & change - Insights into the new consumer
  • How is technology changing the way we think and behave?
  • Ethics and why brands need to have valuesForget men, it's the female consumer you need to seduce
  • People are not numbers


Stay tuned for snippets from the Q&A interviews with the esteemed panel about the forthcoming event, and a sneaky peek with they’ll share at A Bigger Bang! published at the Social Media Portal (SMP) in its profiled interviews.


Keep up-to-date with the A Bigger Bang! event via @CogCaaS and hashtag #CaaSBB for the latest and the A Bigger Bang! competition. Follow all things Cognifide on Twitter with @cognifide.


By all means, if you have any questions now, there's no time like the present – lets get the debate started below and leave a comment / question, or ask away using the #CaaSBB whether at the event or watching from a far if you can’t attend.


Elemental currently represents Cognifide. We’re also the creators of the Social Media Portal (SMP) and manage its day-to-day activities.

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