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16 October 2012

A brief recap of Day One at a4uexpo

Rachel Hawkes, account director, Elemental By Rachel Hawkes

a4uexpo London 2012Today, Tim and I headed to Edgeware, London for the first day of the a4uexpo, a conference for affiliate and performance marketing.  

The day for us kicked off with a session called, “60 tips in 60 minutes: Social, Search & Conversion.”  The panellists, each giving 20 tips (which were mostly different tools), were Sam Crocker (@samuelcrocker) from OMD, Kelvin Newman (@kelvinnewman) from Site Visibility and wrapping up the session was Stephen Pavlovich (@conversionfac) from Conversion Factory.

Although the session got off to a bit of a later start, it didn’t disappoint.  It was jam packed full of tips and tools for delegates to take away, all given with a clear, succinct summary and the all important URL from all three speakers.  What was great, and props to the speakers for clearly collaborating beforehand, that out of 60 tips, there was just one overlap.

Some of the ones I picked out of interest to me, and what we do at Elemental were:

Social Crawlytics - shows you which pages on a site are shared the most across social media

IFTTT - backs up tweets and downloads images across

SocialBro - find out when twitter users are online, making tweets etc.

Appotate - lets you annotate a PDF or live website and then collaborate with a team

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to the next session, but it was high up on my list.  “Everything (Legal) You’ve Wanted To Know about Running a Website (but were too busy to ask).”  I love the title, because you instantly know that the person speaking ‘gets it,’ and will not be the typical, dry legal presentation we have all come to expect.  Eitan Jankelewitz (@eitanjan), intellectual property and software lawyer at law firm Sheridans flew solo on this session, covering areas such as terms and conditions on an e-commerce site, brand protection, trademark infringement to direct marketing legalities.  

The description of Eitan’s session also said he will share examples of how businesses can write their own ‘angry letters’ as well as anecdotal tales of “stupid” data protection breeches and loopholes in defamation law.  I shall look forward to going through the hashtag for the session later #A4US2 for what other delegates found to be the highlights.

Overall impressions of today, is that a4uexpo is a lively, well organised, vibrant and educational conference that all marketers could benefit from attending – regardless of whether they specifically cross the boundaries of ‘affiliate and performance marketing’ in their day to day role.

Looking ahead to tomorrow, I’ll be one of the “preaching to the choir” delegates in the “For Blog’s Sake – Don’t You Know I Add Value” session at 9:30am… a topic that we discuss with almost all clients!

a4uexpo delegate book

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