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7 September 2012

A Guinness World Record Holder

Rachel Hawkes, account director, Elemental By Rachel Hawkes

Guinness World RecordAs I blogged about awhile back – almost a year to the day actually – I was lucky enough to be one of 8,000 chosen to be a London Ambassador during the Olympics.

It’s been a long journey since then, with security checks, waiting to find out what we would be wearing, waiting for the uniform to arrive, going to City Hall to collect our security badges, three training days and then the long awaited shift.  My shift was from the 27th of July (the day of the Opening Ceremony) until the 2nd of August.  It was an incredible – but long – six days.

In the lead up to do the actual volunteering we had signed up for there was an invitation to watch the final technical rehearsal of the Opening Ceremony – which was just amazing.  There was also a treasure hunt (organised by Treasure Trails)… quite a random thing to be invited to do anyway, but it wasn’t just any old treasure hunt.  This was a World Record Breaking attempt treasure hunt!  This was one of many record attempts taking place in London in the lead up to the Olympics as part of World Record London.

The official record we were shooting for was, “Most participants in a treasure hunt game.” The previous record of 308 participants, and the London Ambassadors smashed it out of the park with 466 of us successfully completing the hunt.

We were all in teams of five and I may be biased, but I dare say I had the best team! My team was called the Red Arrows, and we absolutely flew (on foot!) through London, not only solving all the clues and bonus clues – but getting them all right.  Unfortunately, we came unstuck at the tie-breaker question (it was, “how many people here today have a first name starting with M”).

I never in my life thought I would be a World Record holder, and my official certificate (above) just came in the post yesterday... hence the belated blog post.  Must add that to my CV :)

Treasure hunt instructions at City Hall
Getting our instructions in The Scoop outside City Hall
Image Credit: Treasure Trails

Guinness World Record announcement

Just after finding out we are now World Record breakers
Image credit: Treasure Trails

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