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3 October 2011

A list of the top social media players: 2011 social media all stars

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon looks at the top 10 social media players on the scene in its 2011 social media all stars infographic.  It's the second second year of the all star list, with some new players and others that are a bit longer in the tooth. So, which services have made the grade?

OK, it's a little US-centric being based on American baseball, but it's a nice, fun little overview focusing upon inception, number of users, the increase in users by percentage, funding, and employees that work there.  There are no surprises on the list with Facebook topping it with a whopping $2.34 billion dollars funding so far (according to  It keeps top five company with Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Foursquare.  LinkedIn then follows, with new entries Google+, Instagram, Spotify and Tumblr making a new appearence since the chart began 2010.

Google's appearance is interesting given it's the newest arrival and has already amassed 25 million plus users according the chart, with $10.4 million funding (good work pulling those figures). With a little more information on each of the social media powerhouses, gives a good short background and account of the top 10 its identified as an all star. 

2011 social media all stars infographic by

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