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About the Elemental blog

News from the business, marketing and technology worlds highlighting angles that many aren't brave to take on, or don't see

The Elemental blog is lovingly cared for by Tim Gibbon

Photograph of Tim Gibbon: Blogger, journalist and writerWhether marketing, PR or social media I write news that matters. It's not for the faint hearted, so if you don't like what you see, advert your peepholes now.

I've also an opinion on most things popular, or not. Whether it's comms, content strategy, digital marketing, online PR, social media, search et al, it’s here.

The Elemental blog discusses everything communications related. From advertising, marketing and PR (direct or digital media), we have an opinion on most things. We back up our blogging with research, insight and analysis with very human feel, not worried about giving away too much, because I'm always many steps ahead of vibrant and progressive environments.

The debate, discussion, views and/or anything else posted, hosted or boasted here doesn't necessarily represent those of Elemental Communications. For legal patter on this visit the Elemental terms kindly provided by lawyer type folk.  Well, that's the serious bit over.

Looking after a blog should be a careful and loving affair, so focusing energy across multiple blogs isn't something that I'm sustaining right now, instead we'll post a few bits of random entertainment amongst the other content I post. You'll to find more personal blog posts and a lot more besides under Random (when it appears).

You can read the latest from me at the blog.

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