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30 January 2012

Checking claims on blog directory and search engine Technorati

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

It’s one thing creating a blog and writing valuable content, but quite another making it visible and ensuring that content is read. Technorati, arguably the most well-known blog directory and search engine is an obvious choice to submit your blog, but it’s not always that easy.Logo for blog directory and search engine Technorati


Why submit to blog directories and search engines?

Every blogger wants to build an audience and have their hard work read by the masses (including other bloggers), so promotion is critical. Lets set aside the potentially powerful force of social media and using platforms such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Instead, we’re going to consider how blog search engines are useful to help other bloggers, brands and desired readership find your blog, but more importantly assist you in becoming part of a blogging community. Being visible in the right blog directories and search engines could boost a blog in mainstream search engines (not least the main four) and assist in the word-of-mouth promotion of a well-maintained blog.


Claiming our blog Technorati

Arguably Technorati is the grandfather of the blog directory world, so it’s an obvious place to start.

We submitted the Elemental blog three days ago and it wasn’t successful. After checking our feeds, reading, checking and re-checking, Technorati’s support unearthed many others experiencing the same issues. What is concerning is that some bloggers have apparently been waiting for over two years for their blogs to be accepted (or as Technorati calls it ‘claimed’), and in some circumstances bloggers claimed there wasn’t even a response from Technorati support.


We threw caution to the wind, submitting our issue and surprisingly, we received a prompt response and are now following their instructions. This blog post, is in effect our effort to have the Elemental blog claimed in which our claim token has to be placed at the top of a blog post, so we’ll let you know how it pans out in our comments at the end of this post.


Elemental Technorati blog claim image

Elemental claiming its blog on image 

Why choosing your blogging platform carefully and embracing RSS are important?

The process for most blogs may be different but from what we’ve seen the following may assist when submitting your blog to Technorati. It would be prudent to consider publishing your blog using a blog platform (such as Blogger, MovableType, WordPress et al) that may be widely accepted by search engines, directories and other services that specifically cater for blogs. If it’s a bespoke blog that you’re building, then you need to ensure that is behaves like a blog. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is critical to this and it would be wise to understand what this is, and how it works from resources such as or Wikipedia.

We’ll come back to RSS feeds in another blog post and the benefits of them. In meantime you should know that not using them, or not having them working properly will have your blog (and other relevant content that you may create) at a disadvantage because it limits your reach. In case you are wondering, our live on our RSS page.


The main experiences we’ve taken from the Technorati experience thus far 

  1. Ensure the blog, blogging platform and RSS feeds meet standards. Be aware and also prepare to accept intricacies that each resource may haveCarefully read the process and instructions and follow to the letter. Most of all be patient*
  2. See if there are FAQs and if so, give them the once over to ensure that you are meeting the requirements of that particular service
  3. Read the support feedback from both bloggers and the resource (as much as your eyeballs will allow). See if there are any tips before you submit the blog or make an enquiry
  4. Turn any frustration into positive energy and resist the temptation to sound off in making initial enquiries and following up

* We thought adding our claim taken at the bottom of a post would be OK, but have since be advised to add it to the top. This is because our RSS feeds publish an excerpt of the blog post, so the code wouldn’t be picked up at the bottom.


Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any tailored advice for you; instead we’ve presented what we’ve experienced (so perhaps that may help you). If you’ve any questions about Technorati, it’s process and if you’re encountering any issues, you should address them at its support pages and for checking claims here.


Like I said, we’ll let you know how it goes for us.


Above all remember, submission and acceptance of the blog is just the beginning. Ultimately, it will be the quality of the content, frequency and how the blog owner/s manage the promotion of the blog that will impact its popularity. This factor we should always keep mind.

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