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22 September 2011

Communication through the ages

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

There was life before the internet and related technologies, yes indeed.  We all need to communicate and that simple fact won't change, but the means to do so certainly continues to be surprise many (well it does for us anyway).  Can you remember life before the internet?  Were you around then? Before texting, Tweeting, +1, Like et al we all needed to communicate an the means to do so has been the rose of fall the bad, good and the great. 

Atlassian's Communication through the ages infographic has a shot at and taking us through the how we've managed to stay in touch over the years, many years. Its evolution of communications graphic demonstrates just how far we've come and the potential that still may be ahead.

We're a fan of the finely illustrated infographic that may be of use to certain professionals in this space that may think the web and related technologies are a new occurrence, with many being a flash in the pan.  Even if they are, they would have played an important aprt of the evolutionary journey.

Atlassian's Communication through the ages infographic

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