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4 October 2012

HootSuite to help businesses find social media ROI

Rachel Hawkes, account director, Elemental By Rachel Hawkes

HootSuite and WebTrends logoSocial media management platform HootSuite has teamed up with Webtrends Analytics to deliver its customers with actionable data that joins what happens across their social media channels with their own websites.

The integration with the analytics company aims to provide businesses using HootSuite Enterprise with the tools needed to better measure the return on investment (ROI) from social media activity. Ryan Holmes, CEO at HootSuite explains, “Every organisation must continually evaluate and optimise the social media ROI of each department’s publishing and engagement efforts.  For that you need measurement driven management, and the HootSuite-Webtrends integration helps satisfy that need.”

Data provided by Webtrends will be incorporated into HootSuite reports, providing additional insights on areas such as:

  • Messages: Which message types result in the highest number of conversions? What are the best practices for increasing specific on-site actions? Which words drive the most conversions?
  • Social accounts: Which Twitter account or Facebook Page is the source of the most valuable traffic? Is there a business case to invest more resources in organic online engagement? Should more or less social accounts be managed?
  • Social networks: Which platform is providing the greatest return on the brand page: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter? Where is engagement strong, and where is it weak?
  • Time of day: Which time of day is most effective to drive high-quality traffic to the website? When is the target audience on social and looking to buy?

HootSuite state that this ‘granular’ level of insight will help businesses understand the effectiveness of their efforts across social media, and the impact that those efforts have on the bottom line.  The additional insights are available for free to HootSuite Enterprise and Webtrends On Demand customers.

Webtrends CEO, Alex Yoder comments, “At Webtrends, we believe that analytics drives insight and insight drives more effective digital marketing.  Out new partnership with HootSuite will provide marketers with unprecedented insights into social media engagement and effectiveness leading to valuable, quantifiable and repeatable social media marketing optimisation for all organisation types.”

To support the announcement, the pair are hosting a webinar entitled, “Scaling Social – Actionable Data For Every Department” on the 16th of October 2012 at 14:00 Eastern US Time, which is 19:00 in the UK.

The Webtrends partnership comes just weeks after the social media management platform announced the roll out of instant messenger for all HootSuite users.  The four year old company also acquired social media tool maker Seesmic for an undisclosed sum in September 2012, a move it said it made to gain the users rather than the technology.

HootSuite and Webtrends dashboard

HootSuite and Webtrends dashboard

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