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26 January 2012

How can understanding trends help with the economic recovery?

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

I’m always interested in spotting trends (what influences them and what they in turn influence), so I was quite chuffed to become part of the trend spotting club, helping me share what I stumble across. If you’re interested in global trends and being part of a community that discover all sorts of things, the Happy Spotting network might be is where it’s at.


The Happy Spotting sign-up image

Image of Happy Spotting from sign-up page

Amongst other global trend-savvy people, The Happy Spotting network from the people at, let you share trends on whatever your peep holes discover. If you’re interested and want to join the party, more about it and what you can gain as well as give is at the Happy Spotting site.


In joining you become part of the eyes and ears of a community that spans across 170 countries. I’ve only submitted one Happy Spotting trend so far, so it’s early days to feedback what I’ve experienced so far.


The Happy Spotting network image

Image of Happy Spotters

There’s no doubt that 2012 is going to be a challenging year with a great number of events taking place and an uncertain economy that will need the best from brands and consumers. However, where there are challenges, there are opportunities. This is where creative thinking, concepts, implementation and management of ideas come into their own; making them a reality will create or disrupt environments.


It may very well be differentiators what will inspire us in making a difference and trends can be a step in helping us make this happen. But, are you ready?


You can have a look at the ‘12 Crucial consumer trends for 2012’ on the website. If Happy Spotting isn’t for you, then there are plenty of other or resources or services out there. One such service is The Sense Network, based in Soho London with members across 55 countries.


Slightly different to and Happy Spotting, is Sense Worldwide. Consisting of thinkers and innovators, this approach is different, but definitely worth checking out also. In terms of terms of trends and seeing keeping up to speed, obvious choices there is The Cool Hunter, Cool Hunting and Trendhunter to take a gander at (note again, this isn’t an exhaustive list).


If you’re socially inclined, then social networks that are increasing in popularity such as Pinterest might take your fancy (I’m Tim Gibbon on Pinterest and Rachel is pinning her way to a medal).


Trends are going to be a huge part in indentifying what may or may not work in a challenging global economy. One of the first steps is knowing where to keep abreast of the trends and maximising how they can be beneficial to a brand, if not creating them in the first place (a topic we’ll no doubt come back to).


If trending isn’t not for you, you can always pass the love on to us via @elementalcomms or me @timgibbon when you do see something fabulous.



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