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9 May 2012

How people and populations are spending time online

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

Ever wondered how people spend their time online? More importantly, where they hang out and for how long? Well, this ‘How people spend their time online’ infographic from go-gulf strives to shed some light on that.


It’s a great crack at pulling together statistics that builds a picture of how connected we all are and where users are spending their time, so the attempt in having a go has to be commended. However, without a date on the blog post or infographic, it’s not clear when it was created or published (except for being published on Visually four days ago, which is going down a storm in it’s category). Perhaps this infographic is a little behind the curve because of the omission of current favourites such as Pinterest and the recently talked up Tagged. Nonetheless, it’s a good resource to review.


The infographic claims that a massive 30% of the world’s population is online, with the average time spent by user 16 hours per month (32 hours for US residents). The data visualization also breaks down the world’s online population by region (the US surging ahead), how they choose to spending their time online, popular activities, the top 10 most visited resources or sites, trends of the future and a few interesting facts thrown in there if the aforementioned wasn’t enough.


Just a few of these interesting facts to pull out include 19% of time is spent on emails or communication, whist 22% of time is spent on social networking. It’s quite surprising that with all the talk about Yahoo! being down and out for the count, it’s third in the top 10 most visited web properties with 130,121,00 visitors a month with 2:12:08 hours spent per person each month. With the infographic drawing it sources from Comscoredatamine, Nielsen, TNSDigitalLife and Pewinternet it’s certainly worth a deeper look, not least to understand how the digital landscape has an impact upon the users that contribute and also are part of it.


As marketers, knowing where audiences reside online and why is paramount. It’s important not only to decide where to focus attention, but also where to avoid the noise and hype. In doing so we can assist brands hone communications, buck trends and even to disrupt the norm and lean toward (or away) from the usual suspects finding and working with the most relevant environments. Indeed, working with hot and cold spots depending upon how you look at it.


For now, check out the infographic. Enjoy!


How people spend their time online infographic

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