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23 September 2011

How social media helps in the evolution of long distance relationships

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

Rounds and Column Five Media has created a lovely little visual on how inventive lovers use developing technologies to keep that all important spark alight.  Who said that romance is dead?

From the hunter gathers days to the connected multimedia couple, the evolution of the long distance relationship infographic is an amusing insight into how miles or kilometres between lovers perhaps isn't so far in long distance relationships these days. The question is, what next lovers?

What's your favourite technology for staying in touch with that special one and keep that fire burning (with loved ones) when they're further afield?

The evolution of the long distance relationship infographic


Categories: Technology, Social media, Random, Infographics

Tags: Rounds, Column Five Media, love, relationships, mobile, photo-sharing, social media, social networks, web cams, infographic

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