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28 September 2011

How the world uses social networks

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon uses statistics from Nielsen and InternetWorldStats presenting how the world uses social networks infographic looking at blogs, social media, social networks and internet culture.

Focusing on 10 countries and the percentage of users per country and the percentage of interest users in the top social networks, the infographic also higlights the use of several social networking technology including Blogger, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc., with others local to each country.  However, the infographic doesn't represent two other global super powers that are now established as leaders or are forging ahead being China and India. 

Interestingly Brazil is featured; purported to be one of the next super powers on the rise (particularly with its abundance of natural resources), currently the lowest out of the 10 featured countries in terms of the percent of internet users with 37.8 percent. The UK leads with 85.5 percent of internet users, even though the south American eclipses its population by more than three times.  The percentage of internet users on the top social networks by country is a more closer affair, unsurprisingly with Facebook dominating.

For statistics on social networks and media usage for China and India refer to: 

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How the world uses social networks infographic by Mashable

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