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6 September 2011

How workforces use social media and networking to find jobs

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

That's right, the second infographic that interests us today.  This time from Kelly Outsourcing & Consulting Group, the HR and workforce company.  They've presented data on the how people are using social media and networks to find jobs and steer their careers paths.

It's aptly been called the Social Media/Networking - The Evolving Workforce, created by the Kelly Global Workforce Index presenting data from a survey population of 97,000 people and across 30 countries.  It takes a look at how employees are using job boards, social networking sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other traditional means such as print, recruitment companies and so on.

If your interest doesn't stop there, you can download a full whitepaper from Kelly entitled Social Networking: How Social Media is Changing the World of Work, authored by Todd Wheatland from its pages as a PDF at their Knowledge page (opens as a PDF). Scroll down for more social media juice from the world of human resource (HR) and careers.

The question is, how are you using social media and networking not only to find a job, but nurture your career? 

The evolving workforce infographic

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