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15 October 2012

Microsoft unveils Xbox Music all-in-one music service on the cloud

Rachel Hawkes, account director, Elemental By Rachel Hawkes

Microsoft's XBox on a Windows 8 smartphoneMicrosoft has today announced the launch of Xbox Music, what it is calling an “all-in-one” music service to enable users to take their music seamlessly across multiple devices.

Xbox Music is powered by the cloud, and Microsoft say it was built to combat the problem of fragmented digital media being split and incompatible across multiple devices.  The company says, “Enjoying music today requires too much work.”  With Xbox Music, users will be able to as much music as they like, create custom build playlists and purchase and download songs to own.

Microsoft’s Don Mattrick, president of Interactive Entertainment Business, had the following message for customers, “The launch of Xbox Music is a milestone in simplifying digital music on every type of device and on a global scale. We’re breaking down the walls that fracture your music experiences today to ensure that music better and integrated across the screens that you care about most – your tablet, PC, phone and TV.

Xbox Music will work across Windows 8 phones from launch, Windows RT tablets, Windows PCs and on TV (which requires an Xbox 360 console).  On TV, Xbox Music will not be able to download tracks or create playlists, but stream only.  Many features will require a Xbox Music Pass, which provides unlimited, ad-free access off and online, at a cost of $9.99USD per month (UK prices may vary).

Microsoft say that users will have access to more than 30 million tracks, and users will be able to add their own music to their Xbox Music collection – which will then be synced across devices.  In the coming year, the company plans to add social media elements that will mean customers can share their “music experience” with friends and family.  Launching across additional platforms and devices is also in the pipeline for the next 12 months.

Xbox Music across multiple devices


Image credit: Xbox website

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