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6 September 2012

Nokia’s new Windows 8 phone the Lumia 920 officially unveiled

Rachel Hawkes, account director, Elemental By Rachel Hawkes

Nokia unveil new Windows 8 smartphone Lumia 920As the rumour mill continues to go crazy with talk of the imminent iPhone 5 release slated for this month, Nokia has made its own big release.  In a joint event with Microsoft in New York, Nokia has officially unveiled its first smartphones using the Windows 8 operating system.

Showcasing both the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, the 920 is Nokia’s flagship device.  It has some interesting selling points, including Nokia’s largest every battery, built in wireless charging and City Lens – inbuilt software that overlays information about restaurants, shops, hotels and more on the surface of buildings by pointing the camera at a street.

The Finnish handset manufacturer claims that the Lumia 920 captures the ‘best pictures and video ever seen on a smartphone.’  Through its PureView technology, the phone’s camera uses advanced floating technology meaning it can take photos without using flash where other smartphones can’t.  Nokia says PureView also takes hand movement into consideration, thereby further reducing the number of blurry photos.

Nokia faces incredibly stiff competition in the smartphone arena from the likes of Apple and Samsung, and it is signalling ‘imaging’ as being its key differentiator in the market.  Crawford Del Prete at Nokia comments, “Low light photography has been a week point for smartphones.  Nokia has addressed this with PureView to create real customer value.  By applying its rich expertise in imaging Nokia has created a best of breed experience for everyday use.”

The new Windows 8 operating system will see the Lumia handsets deliver real-time updates on social media, email and so on direct to the home screen through ‘new animated Live Tiles.’  The phones will also be able to sync automatically with other Windows 8 handsets as well as Windows 8 PCs, tablets and Xbox’s – meaning they can share and access files easily.

Is all of that enough to challenge the market? Investors seemingly found the announcement underwhelming, with Nokia’s share price plummeting by 13% following the event. Although there is no official release date of the Lumia 920 and 920, nor price, it’s  expected they will hit the market in November.

Apple’s iPhone 5 is reported to go on sale towards the end of September.

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