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7 October 2011

Privacy conscious on the future of social networks

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

In an interview with Brendan Charles, community manager at privacy conscious social network, our site the Social Media Portal (SMP) learns more about another social network vying for user love.  In the in-depth and frank interview Charles outlines the story so far including investor loyalty, its organic growth, multitasking with teleportation, the social networks view on privacy awareness and the battle between Facebook and Google+.Social network logo

The privately owned social network founded in 2009 states it doesn't use its users information for advertising, or sell it to third parties and raises funds via its investors.  With the complicated and competitive nature of social networks, the interview sheds more light from a company setting new ground and discusses what the future may hold for existing and new entrants from a platform in development. 

Learn more about and Charles by reading the full interview with at the Social Media Portal (SMP).

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Tags:, Hibe, social network, social networks, Brendan Charles, privacy, online privacy, privacy awareness, Google+, Facebook

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