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6 March 2012

Readying your Facebook Page for Timeline

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

Like it (ahem) or not, Facebook Pages is changing. 30 March 2012 is the date not only to remember, but also perhaps to be proactive in modifying your brand pages to be ready for the awesome force that is Facebook. Design and development agency Integricity has created its ‘10 things you need to know about revamped Facebook Pages infographic’ to get businesses up to speed.


That’s right, Facebook is changing it up again, but why? Quite simply, the social network strives to be the number one destination for brands and consumers and it sees Timeline as another platform to do this. Not contented with striving to achieve 1 billion users and an IPO in the works, Facebook has already rolled out Timeline for consumers seemingly overcoming the initial outcry. Yes, there are disgruntled users, but they’ve been playing ball regardless now (not that they have much of a choice), the social network is giving Pages for businesses and brands the same treatment.


Although there may be complaints (again) mostly about the gaps that may be created on Pages, giving brands the opportunity to tell and sell their stories via their Timeline is going to be attractive to more than that is upsets. By creating the flexibility for brands to update Pages with rich content and convey their stories, dropping in detail on what they have and will been doing, presents Facebook with the opportunity to build a potential ‘destination first’ for brands.


To Facebook’s credit, it’s half way there. With brands, businesses, celebrities, media outlets et al tripping over themselves to tell us how to find them on Facebook, it will be interesting to see if the aforementioned wrestle in determining where their first port of call/s should be. With Google+, new kid Pinterest and Twitter all vying for the same space, things are going to reach fever pitch this year as the competition between them grows more fiercely.


Given Timeline for Pages is going ahead regardless, there have been many blogs providing advice on producing pretty Pages to capture and nurture the love of visitors, but this little ditty from Integricity is the most visually practical effort we’ve seen thus far. The agency presents the Pages story so far, offers sound guidance on the size, type and placement of cover images. It’s a great review of how to maximise the use of content via Facebook Page as it stands from outlining the admin panel, Facebook Insights, interactivity and a lot more besides.


Whether you’re keen on Facebook or not, there is no doubt that brands have yet another vehicle to reach out to consumers. How well it’s done, depends on the limits you place on your creativity and imagination. Compelling advertising, marketing and PR ultimately is about great storytelling – if you’re not convinced just review a few well-known and successful brands and take a look see – they keep it simple.


Has Facebook produced a masterstroke in helping all brands regardless of stature tell their stories? Ready yourself for the good, bad, ugly and damn right insane.


10 things you need to know about revamped Facebook Pages infographic

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