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24 April 2012

Sharing and communication through the ages

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

We’re a communications consultancy, so we obviously love and have a keen interest in communications, regardless of the nature or source (well, most of the time). We’re loving this ‘Sharing & communication through the ages’ infographic from 30,000 BC to the present day from print company Moo.


Moo’s infographic is really pretty, informative and fun with a tonne of Moo design slickness about it. I like some of what I’m seeing from the people at Moo in the digital marketing and social world, they’re being equally creative with the partnerships that they’re striking up out there in an extremely competitive space.


Moo obviously couldn’t cover everything in its infographic, but if an off world visitor was to check out their infographic, it’s a good representation on how communications have transpired over the years for people thus far. The tidy data visualization reviews cave paintings, the post service, the telephone, wireless (radio for the younger folk) the internet, AIM (internet messenger), blogging through to major players putting it down now; including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


The question is, after ending with Twitter in 2006, what’s next? Are we due another major social media player any time soon?


Moo Sharing and communication through the ages infographic

by MOO. Browse more data visualizations.

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