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15 September 2011

Social networks focus on privacy and user preferences

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

Social network's comparison infographic 'Who do you trust with your 'social media' information?' demonstrates how secure users information could be and the steps they need to go through to delete a social networking account. is currently creating new accounts on an invite-only basis bills itself as a social network that "...makes it easy it easy for you to protect your privacy and manage your social interactions." By Joove, I think they've finally got it! 

The explanation from Sarah with a helpful video explains a little more about the social network and how its facets, allows users to create what it calls social context (basically the information you share with family, friends and colleagues) through what it calls booklets.Logo for social network 

Booklets can be set up to share different types of content via facets - the groups of people that you decide to share an array of content with. So, pretty much how other social networks are now allowing users to exercise more control e.g. Facebook's new privacy settings, Diaspora's aspects (we wrote about their hat tipping to Facebook and Google last week) and Circles from Google+. Wait a minute, according to its press release, launched in March 2010 (from a social media company start-up in 2009), with a strong emphasis on privacy.  Well, it certainly looks like the debate about who was first in allowing users to better choose, control and manage their privacy may not be as important as to what happens next.

If you're interested in yet another social network, go for hell or leather at

The infographic is below, but first a few more infographics focusing on statistics featuring growth, comparison and guides on privacy of the main competing social networks.

Facebook vs Twitter Minimal Stats

Facebook Global 
A Guide to Taming Privacy Concerns Around Google+

Google+: 20 Million Users in 21 Days
(the Social Media Smackdown) 

Google Plus: Killer Facts and Statistics

The LinkedIn Profile's comparison infographic

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