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19 September 2011

Technorati 2011 state of the blogosphere survey

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

Blogging resource Technorati has called for worldwide bloggers to complete its 2011 state of the blogosphere survey.  It's that time again when the blogging powerhouse produces the State of the Blogosphere research and report it bills as 'the most comprehensive resource for bloggers, and about bloggers'.

The Technorati short questionnaire asks for bloggers to share information about themselves, whether it's a passion, for enjoyment or a profession. Obviously the more surveys completed the greater and more rich the findings that can be shared.Logo from Technorati the blogging resource   

Technorati Media CEO Shani Higgins, is set to unveil the findings live, exclusively at BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Los Angeles (considered the world's largest blogging and social media conference), on Friday, 04 November 2011.  Lucky for some if they can make it!  If bloggers or other watchers can't attend, they only need to wait a few days until the full research and study is available on Monday, 07 November 2011 from the website.

Technorati also reached out to recruit for bloggers to become part of its Technorati Blogger Outreach Partners in its email.  Drawing upon what bloggers already provide, writing.  The partnership claims to connect participants to more of their audience whether they're brands, media or wider publics.  More information on its merits and the possible benefits is available at Technorati.  

Follow Technorati for the latest updates pre, during and post BlogWorld & New Media Expo from Twitter.  And, the link to the Technorati survey questionnaire once more. You'd better think about hurrying too, because there wasn't a closing date to complete it anywhere that we saw in the email we've received.  We're heading to complete ours now, because we think it has got to be a good thing to help build a picture of the global blogging ecosystem.

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