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24 May 2012

TFL tube Twitter handles bring real-time travel information to London’s underground

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

Transport for London (TFL) has created Twitter handles for all its tube lines in an effort to keep passengers up-to-date with the latest information across the London tube network. The creation of the individual Twitter handles for the tube lines are an addition to the DLR and London Overground service updates to help passengers navigate around, to and from the UK’s capital.


Transport for London has also updated its social media page detailing all of its Twitter handles including DLR, overground services, travel alerts, tube line service updates, traffic news, Barclays Cycle Hire and TFL news. In addition to this, there are links to its main social media channels on Facebook and YouTube.

TFL social media page


Image of Transport of London social media page

Announced in the Metro newspaper and via an email to registered users, Mike Brown, managing director at London Underground Transport, shared the news.


Transport for London and Virgin Media will be providing free Wi-Fi from escalators, platforms and ticket offices starting July 2012, just ahead of the Olympic and Paralympic games.


After the Olympic and Paralympic games it will be a pay-as-you-go service with 80 stations to be introduced by the summer (which looks like it’s actually here now) and 1,220 stations by the end of the year.


Transport for London estimates that four million people use the tube everyday, so the bets are on for the increase in usage with the games in full flow.

Tube line service updates

  Tube line Followers Following Tweets
  @bakerlooline 1,058 7 670
  @centralline 2,191 7 744
  @circleline 950 7 746
  @districtline 2,020 7 1,031
  @hamandcityline 768 7 714
  @jubileeline 2,135 6 905
  @metline 1,198 4 665
  @northernline 2,331 7 706
  @piccadillyline 1,740 7 787
  @victorialine 2,342 7 744
  @wlooandcityline 494 7 494

TFL seemed to be ahead of the curve, the domains registered in late Nvember 2011. Followers, tweets etc., recorded as of 24 May 2012.

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