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18 October 2011

The economics of social gaming infographic

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

Mashable's infographic entitled 'The economics of social gaming' sheds a few statistics on social gaming.  It highlights a few keys facts from the UK and US demonstrating the incredible growth of social gaming and how its attracted acquisitions from large ' players' from the world of both entertainment and gaming. 

The infographic takes a look at the following with some figures that it the addictive and viral nature of social games into perspective:

  • Social gamers
  • In-game purchases
  • Mobile gaming
  • Major acquisitions

With 83% of participants using Facebook to play online games (although we aren't sure where this particular item of data comes from) and $6 billion USD to be spent by internet users on virtual goods in 2013, it's just one reasion why EA Games acquired social gaming company Playfish in 2009 for up to $400 milion USD and Disney trumping them with the acquistion of Playdom in 2010 for $763.2 million USD.  Clearly mobile and tablets is where it's at with the mobile gaming industry predicted to reach $54 billion by 2015 and 84% of tablet owners playing games.  A few more figures below.

Mashable the economics of social gaming infographic

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