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4 January 2012

'The evolution of Facebook features' and hello Facebook Timeline

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

In case you hadn’t noticed, Facebook is undergoing some of its most significant changes in recent times, more notably its Timeline functionality Like it or not, Timeline is being rolled out to all users in the near future.


Keeping this in mind, it’s worth revisiting GroSocial, the social media marketing software company that has produced its ‘The evolution of Facebook features’ infographic. They’ve spent sometime cataloguing some of the social networks most notable features.Image of the evolution of Facebook features infographic


Although there are some interesting developments highlighted throughout the infographic, there are some significant omissions (such as advertising program Beacon, unless my eyes deceive me) that had quite an impact when it was released, until it was eventually removed. It was a quite a controversial development from the social network and perhaps when Facebook started to listen to its users, rather than expecting them to suck up all that is thrust upon them.


Rachel covered this over at the Social Media Portal (SMP) in 2007 in two articles Facebook apologises and makes changes to Facebook Ads and Facebook founder announces changes to advertising tool Beacon, which shed more light on the unrest at the time.


But lets face it, if everything was to be included, perhaps it would be overkill, especially when you start to consider some of the developments and relationships Facebook has experienced over the years with its own Timeline, that must run into the hundreds, if not thousands.


With Facebook Timeline coming how may brands and consumers react? No doubt we’ll know soon enough as the changes are rolled out.


The evolution of Facebook features infographic by GroSocial

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