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3 October 2011

The impact of fashion bloggers: The global rise of the fashion social Influencer

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

We've known for quite some time that like many other industries, the fashion sector is enriched by influencers and the impact that opinions can have upon others. Bloggers are an integral element of this being authorities, opinion formers and of course influencers. DigitallyLUX has used its real-time reach to analyse six continents creating the global rise of the fashion social Influencer infographic from over 550 fashion blogs spanning 31 different countries.

Analysis from September 2011 reviews Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America and the United Statistics looks at the percentage of published content (DIY, editorial, personal style and street style) focusing upon Facebook and Twitter, also taking into an account a Klout score.

According to DigitallyLUX findings, North America and Europe lead quite substantially, with the United Kingdom leading on the Twitter front, with 91% of bloggers using the mircoblogging service.  Surprisingly, DigitallyLUX's research onn South America, the continent scores low with the number of blogs found, so we're looking forward to another report if this changes for the colourful continent.  Given the challenges that the magazine industry faces from digital quarters, its not surprising that fashion bloggers are enjoying much success in getting news, trends andupdates out to audiences online quicker and more effectively than traditional glossy magazines. 

If you're in any doubt of the influence of fashion bloggers and how they're definitely a permanent feature see the BBC interview on how fashion bloggers rival traditional magazines with designers from this years London Fashion Week (LFW) on their views.  Half the press that attended this LFW were bloggers, but our view is that this trend has been on the rise for a number of years, not a recent development as the report suggests, it has just taken some designers and established PR and marketing teams from more established brands to catch on and warm to the idea.

There has certainly has been more interest recently, as the fashion industry realises the influence of fashion bloggers that take on many roles; including advertiser, promoter and stylist - not just editorial. 

As this Mashable article points out, it's fashion blogs that are grabbing the attention and with that comes the opportunities of advertising. How this changes the dynmanic and the appeal in blogs grows, it will be an interesting development to watch.  When there are profits on the line and with new designers itching to break through, the stigma with bloggers tends to take a back seat.

The global rise of the fashion social influencer by

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