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19 August 2011

The last 35 days

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

Third Sector article by Rachel Hawkes on Google+ for charitiesIn the last 35 days, I've been playing with images with the ever watchful eye of my esteemed colleague to make sure I'm not making the blog look ugly.

Here's just some of what has kept us on the straight and narrow:

  • Rachel's latest online column for Third Sector magazine on what Google+ may hold for charities as the search company takes social media by the scruff of the neck.
  • I've had an content strategy article published in Direct Commerce (Catalogue & e-business) magazine on how business should be thinking and managing their content leading up to Christmas. And yes, you've guessed it, in these times of austerity.
  • We've soft launched our new site and blog.
  • Journalists call us up sometimes and ask us stuff about digital and social media environments- some of it is on Computeach, Experian QAS, myHermes, The Institute of Direct Marketing and a few other places.

By far the most interesting for me has been the release of Google+ and watching the hating, loving, hating then loving again by social media experts, hacks, flacks, mavens, gurus and anyone else that plays with these sort of things in a really unhealthy way. 

Also, if you're a infographic nut, are building a tools that looks like it will help you create some nice infographics without the aid of someone that's good with design. I'm looking forward to seeing what it does and the pricing models since they sent a bit of an in-your-face email last week. 

That's about it.  The dungeon tan and lack of fresh air has meant that anything I else did is probably a distant memory.

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