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8 May 2012

Thoughts on YO! Sushi’s new social media role

Rachel Hawkes, account director, Elemental By Rachel Hawkes

YO! Sushi social media job alertI’ve been subscribed to YO! Sushi’s email newsletter for about five years now, I delete them more often than I open and read them. But when I got an email with the subject heading of, ‘Social Media Job Alert – Do you have the skills?’ it piqued my interest.

The email says they’re looking for a creative individual to grow and engage the YO! Sushi community, provide excellent customer service (off and online), create exciting social campaigns and ensure that social media continues ‘to run through the heart’ of the company.  Which all sounds good.

But reading through the full job spec I am confused as to whether YO! Sushi is after a community manager (as it states at the top of the PDF), or a relatively senior social media person who will naturally incorporate community management into the role… or someone without any social media experience at all.


This is the job description exactly as it appears in the spec:

  • Community management. You’ll be the voice, eyes and ears of YO! Sushi online. You’ll work with all different departments of the business from our CEO to our restaurant staff around the world, to make sure that our customers are wowed by YO! Sushi in the digital world as much as they are in their local restaurant.
  • Content. Words, photos, videos - you know the type of content that gets our community talking. You’ll be able to toe the line where social media platforms and competitions are concerned, potentially using a social media CMS.
  • Strategy. You’ll be responsible for spotting an opportunity to take YO! Sushi to the newest parts of the internet. If you think our customers are already there, then you’ll find an innovative way to take us there too.
  • Insight. You know how to sift through the interesting nuggets of information from the mass volume, and how to make your observations useful to the entire business, not just the Marketing team.
  • Training. By sharing your knowledge, you will help to ensure social media continues to grow through the heart of our business.
  • Pitch In. We are a lean, mean marketing machine so you won’t live in a social ivory tower!  When we open a new restaurant or have some experiential marketing activity planned, you’ll be on hand to help out – even if this means wandering the streets in sumo wrestler suits!

Leaving aside dressing up in a sumo suit and hitting the streets, the spec reads like quite a senior level job.  To be able to develop and implement a social media and content strategy, identify new social opportunities, to disseminate insights, stats and trends for the whole organisation, work with global audiences (catering for individual countries tone, style and nuances) and manage and grow the community is a role for someone with at least a good few years of experience under their belt.  

And yet YO! Sushi don’t seem to mind whether they get a new graduate, someone with two years experience in digital and social, or even if you have no experience at all but can demonstrate your love of social media (salary dependent on experience of course).  In fact they’d prefer not to even see candidate’s CVs, but would prefer a video uploaded to YouTube, a blog post or an interesting tweet.  It reminds me of what Tim wrote the other day, about employers discounting potentially really great candidate’s because their social media Klout (or Kred) wasn’t up to par.

From reading the job spec (which is below), I get the impression that this person will be the only social media body in the team, and for an international brand like YO! Sushi that’s a verrry big job.  I could understand having an entry level person come in if they were to be mentored by a social media manager or a social media agency that has been working with the brand for some time… but it seems like quite a risky strategy for the brand to take.

It will be interesting to watch their channels over the summer, and see how the brands social profiles develop.

YO! Sushi social media job description

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