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100 things about Tim

The good, the great and the amazing in no particular order or perference

I may decide to change, remove and/or update these at anytime - so there.
Prepare yourself for the mother of all scrolls.

  1. Heralding from the wonderful city of Birmingham, I'm a Brummie. I'm from Erdington, proud of it and have no intention of changing my accent to fit in. 
  2. I've met enough Mockneys and fakes to last a life time. Why become one?
  3. Was one of the first people to study a journalism degree in the UK (either London, Lancashire or Scotland). London was and still is too expensive, Scotland too cold and far. So, Lancashire it was.
  4. I'm a director at communications consultancy Elemental that I founded in 2001.
  5. I tend to write more than I possibly should at times. 
  6. Writes for titles for fun including Blogcritics, The Huffington Post, Technorati and the Social Media Portal (SMP). 
  7. Played table tennis nearly everyday from primary school (from about 8-years old) until 18 and used to the cats whiskers. Challengers welcome anytime, Wii or otherwise.
  8. Had my tonsils removed when I was 11 and had to eat crusty toast to take away the hanging skin. They used to serve ice cream as a treat for kids, not when I had mine done.
  9. Was a .net magazine columnist for a number of years. Before that, Internet Works. Nearly 10 years in total for Future Publishing.
  10. Became a journalist after watching ITV's teenage comedy drama Press Gang staring Lucy Benjamin, Dexter Fletcher, Julia Sawalha et al as a kid.
  11. Done the around the world ticket thing many years ago and visited many places since, but Sandomierz, Poland is one of my favourite places so far. 
  12. Valls, Spain, the most horrible experiences of travelling so far.
  13. Makes awesome pancakes and is an excellent tosser. 
  14. The smoothies that go with them are legendary. Take Rachel Hawkes' advice on regarding smoothies at your own peril.
  15. First computer was a Dragon 32, then a Commodore 64 that had to be shared with my brother who eventually sold it without me knowing! If you dare to say the ZX Spectrum was a better PC, then you clearly don't know anything
  16. Allergic to penicillin. Never broken a bone or had stitches (tonsils don't count).
  17. A healthy addiction to cartoons, especially ones from the 80s and 90s like Battle of the Planets, Bionic Centurions, Spiderman Thundercats, X-Men and more. More recent cartoons are mainly a disgrace.
  18. Not impressed that if you've watched a few Star Trek episodes, you're labelled a freak. I watched more than a few episodes.
  19. Doesn't like spending any sustained time in supermarkets, unless abroad. Unless a Adli or Lidl, because it's like food bingo at times.
  20. The youngest of six children and doesn't suffer from last child syndrome.
  21. Cookies (pretty much any biscuit) and milk is my kryptonite.
  22. Favourite X-Factor judge is Gary Barlow or Kelly Rowland. Actually Tulisa. OK, All of them apart from Louie, he can be a unpleasant at times
  23. Body Shop coco butter is nectar for my skin, I really love that stuff.
  24. Wrights or Dove Farm is my preferred baking flour at the moment and I'm partial to Wrights quick chocolate fudge cake mix discovered in Lidl.
  25. Owner of a pair of Technics 1210s and hundreds of tunes. Mostly disco, funk, rare groove, salsoul, soulful garage and US garage.
  26. Humiliated for many adolescent years by my dad buying me the most girly bike ever that was actually a girls bike and folded in half, whilst everyone else was getting BMXs. One saving grace was that it was wasn't pink.
  27. Favourite colour is dark blue. In fact, R: 16 G: 52 B: 102 or 103466. Favourite font is Helvetica Neue 
  28. Has only ever lost a phone once. It was an iPhone and I refuse to buy another until the iPhone 5 is released.
  29. Thanks Mr. Ward for being the best teacher ever (he taught history) and one of the reasons that got me interested in learning stuff.
  30. Is particularly good at growing things and gardening.
  31. Has only been to two football games (proper stadiums), but played from primary school up until university.
  32. As a budding young thespian, used to act and has performed at the Birmingham Rep theatre. I was never to keen or great at it though.
  33. My favourite superhero changes regularly from Batman, Spiderman and Superman. Maybe Wolverine too.
  34. Kicked out of typing lessons for reasons unknown at school, but learnt home keys anyway.
  35. I'm going to +1, Like and Tweet my 100 things and won't be embarrassed to do so.
  36. Thai dishes are amongst my favourite food and I can now cook a few. Green and red curries are my best efforts.
  37. Seen enough social media experts, evangelists, gurus, mavens etc, to last a lifetime. 
  38. I'm more amused by social entrepreneurs slating the aforementioned.
  39. Has a real problem with sleeping and is known to crash out at really weird times of the day that doesn't help.
  40. Passed my driving test the first time at 17 and my first car was a red Vauxhall Nova 1.1.
  41. My favourite cocktail is a mojito. There are not many drinks I don't like, even Pernod and black current.
  42. Firmly believes that air freshener is a bad idea and not good for the environment. Open a window!
  43. Autumn is the month that inspires me the most. Spring is a close second.
  44. The best clubbing nights have either been with The Payne. AKA Norman, Payne, J, Jason and many more. 
  45. The best midland or northern nights have been with Mr. Chris Lowe.
  46. I prefer walking in the rain on a summers night rather than in the blistering heat any day.
  47. Will never possibly understand the obsession with flying thousands of miles to be sat on a beach and bake in the sun. 
  48. Would rather go exploring learning about other cultures than sitting on beaches.
  49. Still hasn't forgiven Cleve for ruining and then having loosing his Peugeot Elan racing bike at university. The spark red gun does not balance this out at all!
  50. Google has found me many things, but not love.
  51. You're past half way, give yourself a pat on the back. You're either really nosey, bored or like reading drivel.
  52. Has frequent and extremely vivid dreams. Was taught (by my mother) how to control dreams and nightmares as a youngster after staying up late to watch Hammer House monster movies.
  53. Doesn't like it when unorganised and rubbish people use 'I am/was busy' as an excuse. Sorry, I am 'more' busy than you. isn't everyone?
  54. Not impressed by people that have impressive LinkedIn profiles, but when working with them discovering they are properly rubbish. 
  55. Surprised what some people can get signed off, and receive these glowing reviews.
  56. I can do shorthand up to 90 WPM, useful for court reporting and now for bullsh**ers.
  57. Had a paper round once, did a few times and had a bad experience. Never did it again.
  58. Was terrorised everyday by two mongrel dogs our mum called rum and whisky whilst growing up walking to school at an early age. This didn't get my relationship with dogs off to a good start.
  59. Getting bitten by a Dulux type dog on the ass whilst riding my girly Mayfair bike didn't help. 
  60. Nor did my parents buying the scariest pet dog ever.
  61. You guessed it, I'm not keen on dogs.
  62. Massive documentary and film fan with too many favourites to mention. The Princess Bride is up there.
  63. Eats almost any type of food apart from draw soup, pretty much nearly all African food or blamange.  
  64. Laughs at journalists and marketers that still refer to Don Draper in their writing. You've soiled the greatness of something before the mainstreamers knew about it. You caught the wave late, move on to the popular choice.
  65. Enjoys wearing hoodies because they're practical. Don't blame the hoodie, blame the owner.
  66. Dislikes it when people that will ignore email or calls, but will happily be active on Facebook, Twitter etc., when apparently 'busy'. 
  67. Yes, I'm back on busy people.
  68. There are very few photographs of me as a child and none as a baby. My parents weren't fans until we got older. 
  69. Has some killer school pictures knocking around somewhere.
  70. Will never use a toilet on a train or a plane.
  71. Amazed when people now use Facebook and Skype as a birthday reminder for friends and family. Do it old school; a card, letter and the very least a call!
  72. First proper published article was for Focus Newspaper on Birchfield Harrier Geraldine McLeod, along with a heap of wedding and obituaries for good measure when I was 17.
  73. Has cultivated the worst potty mouth courtesy of the Hawkes.
  74. Hates it when people blow smoke in my face, any type of smoke!
  75. Disgusted when people spit on the floor, and that includes women. Especially women.
  76. Accidentally freaked out Gary Oldman by recognising him in the Tate Modern.
  77. Introverted considering my career path, but decisive and extroverted when the mood takes me.
  78. Has written for others for over a decade, but only started to blog a few months ago.
  79. Loves technology and finds it quite a challenge not to be connected.
  80. Gmail, Google Hangouts, Skype and Trillian WhatsApp are just a few of my favourite software products.
  81. Loves a chocolate fudge cake preferably with homemade vanilla ice cream.
  82. I can't see the point to holding onto birthday and Christmas cards they just get recycled.
  83. Has never won a substantial amount on the lottery (the poor person tax), yet.
  84. Is now a proud owner of a gorgeous basket hamper type thing. Thank you mummy.
  85. A note pad is never far away from my reach. One lives next to my bed and I often consider it more important than an iPhone.
  86. Peter and the Wolf was one of my favourite stories as a child and I still really love the music.
  87. Finds that limp handshakes are owned mostly by shady untrustworthy people and bone cracking ones are owned by people that try to control others. A handshake, how hard can it be?
  88. Can tell a fake handshake a mile off.
  89. Avoids walking under ladders, over bridges when trains pass underneath and holds a collar when a funeral passes by.
  90. Cringe worthy words from the day job include brainchild, cutting edge, inked deal, leading (leading what, leading who, leading where - how do you know you lead? Prove it, go on), solutions, touchbase and many more. 'Mechanics' is starting to creeping there now.
  91. I do rather like the term blowhard though.
  92. Laughs when others take the p*** about these words, then proceed to use them.
  93. The new arrival and becoming popular is 'leading edge'. 10/10 for the plonker that dreamt that up.
  94. Will cherish a letter over an email hands down everytime.
  95. Enjoys a discovering a great drama, thriller, TV show etc., before the masses.
  96. Has spent more time with the Hawkes than anyone else, it's nearly up there with family time.
  97. It never ceases to amaze me you're still about mate and that you can decode what's in my bonce.
  98. If I had to endure a song on repeat, it would Foreigner, I want to know what love is? A great song, but after work experience at Lewis's where they played it all day, I learnt to switch it off.
  99. Oh, or Gerry Rafferty, Baker Street. I love that tune. It's now 80s day.
  100. There aren't any proudest moment that standsout, yet. Maybe seeing my mother shed a tear at my graduation. If you're the youngest in your family, you'll know what I'm talking about.


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