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10 September 2012

VisitBritain ready to capitalise on success of London 2012 Olympics

Rachel Hawkes, account director, Elemental By Rachel Hawkes

Visit BritainVisitBritain has announced it is ready to capitalise on the success of the London 2012 Olympics, launching a three-pronged marketing approach from today.

The marketing plans, discussed with Marketing Week, will continue the imagery led theme of the “GREAT” ads over the last few months, but offer greater insights into what Britain has to offer tourists. Laurence Bresh, marketing director at VisitBritain tells Marketing Week “We are keeping the momentum going and making Britain top of people’s minds. We’re doing what no other host nation had done and immediately rolling out the marketing the day the Games end.”

VisitBritain will continue its £5 million partnership with British Airways, with a focus on Asian markets – pushing Britain as a great shopping destination in the lead up to Christmas and New Year. The duo is exploring how tourists can begin their “British experience” as soon as they board the plane, and retailers will also be invited to partner in the campaigns.

Social media will also play a major role in VisitBritain’s approach, using a “You’re invited” strap line, which will aim to have British people take on a digital role of experts on particular areas. The third prong in the campaign will see VisitBritain’s recent TV commercial re-edited to include Olympic footage, which will be placed across digital channels and linked backed to relevant content.

The three-pronged approach, with the exception of the social media element, relies almost entirely on paid advertising placement – which will include print, digital and television. Ads will appear in international copies of National Geographic and Time Out, and Marketing Week reports that VisitBritain has been in close talks with Sony Pictures, the distributing company for the new James Bond film.

The announcement of the tourist body’s campaign comes just days after PR Week reports that VisitBritain has dramatically reduced spending across public relations activity. The magazine says that the PR budget in 2007-08 stood at almost £3.5 million, but this year is less than half that at £1.5 million. Over the same period, the size of the internal PR team has more than halved (from 77 to 36) and marketing and advertising spend has grown from £5 million to almost £19 million.

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