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9 December 2011 releases blog and calls out to social media managers

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

Infographic and data visualisation directory has unveiled its new blog aptly named the Data Design Blog with its first post, “A line walks into a bar.” The US-based data visualisation service also used Twitter to shout out to social media managers to help with feedback on its upcoming infographic and visualisation tool. Arguably the most well-known directory style destination for these type of graphics now, it’s an essential hub for many wanting to share their graphics.


Earlier this week sent out an email stating that it has the largest library of infographics on the web with over 5,000 support static motion (video) and interactive creatives. It also tagged on the launch of its new blog within its email. If you’ve been adding your own dataviz (this is how refers to data visualizations), then you’ve would have noticed the move from a review and moderated service (that claimed a two working day turnaround in having your content published) to a self-publishing service that immediately publishes data visualisations and infographics to its directory. It’s a welcome update, particularly for users than can reply upon promoting their designs pointing users to, or using its embed code.

Image of 5000 and new blog email

The developments doesn't end here. Currently in’s Labs, there is a project in development (and eagerly awaited), billed as a visualisation tool that will help users create easy-to-make infographics and visualisations. If you’ve been signed up to then you’ve probably received a questionnaire or two, which are no doubt being used to develop the tool, and possibly create price points for it, because terms of use hasn’t been disclosed. Labs image


In the pursuit of making its pending tool ready, sent out a request via microblogging service Twitter seeking feedback from social media professionals. Its statement read:


“We would love to talk to social media manager(s) with 2-5 years experience for 15 - 30 minutes on the phone for feedback on our infographic tool. Send an email to if you are interested and available this week with available times!”


We recall there were ‘local’ meets for fans to feedback face-to-face at’s HQ, but we’re hoping the call out for further feedback this week is an international affair. Were you invited to be interviewed and are you exited about the new tool upon the horizon? Who knows, there still maybe time to contact them and participate if it’s your bag.


The popularity of Infographics has grown massively, especially in the last year, particularly with bloggers and digital media publications; it’s just a matter of time before mainstream embraces them. is certainly stepping up its game and it will be interesting to see how its plans unfold as we approach 2012. As infographics do become more popular, are you ready to raise your game to have your creations stand out from the crowd in which will become a more competitive arena?

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