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13 October 2011

We’re rocking up at integrated marketing conference mediaPro

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

We’re heading down mediaPro this year, managed by conference organiser CloserStill. It’s at London Olympia from 01 to 02 November and the second year for the event - with the line-up set to outdo the year before.


mediaPeo 2011 integrated marketing event conference logo2011 has already seen events from TFM&A, Internet World and ad:tech (in that order), but we’re more looking forward to mediaPro, especially as we’re exhibiting, hanging out in the comfy and more laid back social media consultancy lounge (its between the social media theatres 1 and 2). We're at stand Social P12

The floor plan is shaping up to host a great event, for a quick peek, have a look at Flickr (or below - 'e' marks the spot for Elemental in the socila media consultancy lounge). It’s a first for mediaPro, having this type of lounge style hangout, bringing what we feel is a more relaxed atmosphere, so you aren’t herded in as you can be, ready for the slaughter so to speak. Instead, think of it as a drop in lounge and see what people like us do, and how we do it. We’ll be amongst moderation companies, social media agencies and technology companies, but there’s doubt you’ll be able to eyeball us in our social media pod.


It’s the last major marketing conference of the year and probably the most important since there is more opportunity for guest speakers, trainers and exhibitors having nearly a full year to reflect upon what’s transpired (or more like transpiring) and bring this to bare at the conference. Once again, it’s been a year of social media marketing madness for many, but thankfully, mediaPro has good foresight and isn’t a victim of social media obsession, instead focusing on a balance of marketing channels. Like us, they’re on what is successful, learning from both positive and not so positive experiences, rather than what’s perceived as popular or contrived.

The mediaPro 2001 floor plan (so far)

mediaPro integrated marketing 2011 floor plan 'e' marks the spot for Elemental

Free to register, it’s boasting 50 major brands on the programme including Arsenal, Boots, Bridgestone, EMI Music, Google, Jimmy Choo, M&S, Nike, O2, Samsung, Siemens, Thomas Pink, Unilever, Universal Pictures and more from pubic consumer, B2B marketing and public sector arenas.


It’s not an event that delves into SMEs yet, but that isn’t a reason not to come down, with plenty of experience on site, there isn’t any reason why you learn from others sector as we do. If you work at a SME, then perhaps put a shout out to us ahead of the event from our blog or our social page, let us know when you’re coming down, as we’ve a heap of experience in this space too.


We’ll be amongst it all with agencies, associations and other practitioners demonstrating and guest speaking at mediaPro. It should be a good one with case studies presentations, training and workshops from over 150 suppliers of marketing technology products and services.


Having promoted a few conferences like this, we can safely say it’s a good balance, just what you need at an event like this. In the social media lounge and you can come along and chat to us about digital marketing, online PR, social media et al – the sort of activity and campaign we do (we hasten to add, not just social media).


Perhaps check out our showreel and creds first, see what we’re about and come prepared with a mountain of questions, or just catch us on the fly. It doesn’t have to be all about work, you’re quite welcome to come down chat about anything, we’re always good for a story or two, especially Rachel.


Don’t be shy!

Keep up-to-date with the latest from mediaPro at Facebook, at LinkedIn and follow mediaPro on Twitter at @mediaProExpo.

And, keep an eye on our blog for what we’re doing leading up to and after mediaPro.

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