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9 September 2011

What impact does Skype have upon you?

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

OK, you've received another message to update Skype.  Or, you're proactive and have elected to update your latest version of Skype.  Wait a minute, making free group video calls comes at cost (a day pass or subscription)?.  So, it's one-to-one calls only now :@(.  When then did that happen? I didn't even notice.  Well never mind, in case you're wondering whether you've been hard done by, just take a minute to reflect the impact Skype has upon us all.  You have to admit its been good to us.

The folk at Skype have created a timely infographic to highlight what Skype means to us all in its 'A day in the life of Skype'.  Undoubtedly Skype continues to have a massive impact on my day, although I tend to use multiple similar services via Trillian.  As for group video calling, Hangout on Google+ anyone?

Feast your eyes on the numbers below. And, do let us know what impact Skype has upon you.

A day in the life of Skype infographic


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Tags: Skype, Skype calls, A day in the life of Skype, video calls, infographics

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