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19 September 2011

When is the best time to Tweet? Twitter vs. Time

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

The Twittersphere or Twitterverse grows at an incredible rate and has been a surprise to many. Love it, hate it or be confused by it, Twitter has claimed its place in society and the history books alongside some of the most memorable planned and unplanned events capturing the sentiment and imagination of towns, cities, countries around the world. 

There's no doubt Twitter has captured the imagination if countless people and the media.  So, how much time do we spend Tweeting and what impact is Twitter really having upon us? has created a Twitter vs. Time infographic from January up until to September 2011 that unearths some interesting data.  It's a great look at some statistics on Twitter and how people use it and in doing so, has created a visualisation of the 'battle of Twitter vs. Time', pulling out statistics such as:

  • Tweet activity per day
  • Tweets per second
  • Top five Tweets per second
  • Percent of tweet per day
  • Number of tweets per day
  • How many Twitter accounts are created a day

With Twitter changing up its game, pulling up those commercial slacks and putting its business hat on (opening up London offices, acquiring services it should of created etcetera), it will be interesting how the these statistics may play out and change.  Undoubtedly, this infographic will serve for many to try and learn when is the best time to Tweet, which will vary for a number of reasons. 
There's no doubt we'll return to the topic of Twitter in due course  For now, let the battle commence.

The Twitter vs. Time infographic

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