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19 August 2011

Why blog now?

Tim Gibbon, director Elemental By Tim Gibbon

We enjoy digital marketing, social media and the role that integrating direct channels have - as much as the next agency or consultancy.

Consistently seeing many articles we’ve written over the years resurfacing and the direction of digital channels that we write about being played out, we’ve decided to share what we experience, know and learn here.

Soft launching the new website (with a new blog) means that we can now get blogging on things that we love, and maybe things that we don't love so much. We'll share more about blogging and the benefits for businesses, when we've ironed out the kinks with the new site.

In the meantime, until there are lots of amazing blog posts to read, why not check our showreel? It should be sitting just down here, waiting for you to click on it to see what we do, and how we do it.

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