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Briffa: Media relations or the law firm

Through media relations, help businesses understand and navigate the legal minefield and better protect who they are and what they do


To raise the profile of intellectual property (IP) law firm Briffa, including its solicitors and partners demonstrating the range of different disciplines its specialist.  Briffa also wanted to raise legal issues that have an impact upon brands such as contracts, cookies, copyright, domain name and IP law. With limited time to work with media, it was critical to ensure communications were managed efficiently and effectively.


Through press releases and media relations activity we worked with existing and new Briffa services in addition to reaching out to journalists for features that covered specific subject matter.  Given the limited media time that Briffa could allocate, it was the proactive activity in which we were able to work with trends before they became popular.


We secured coverage across Briffa’s desired media, including advertising, business, design, marketing and internet magazines. Building a rapport with media resulted in us placing guest speakers at digital marketing conferences, establishing senior members of the Briffa team as columnists for industry renowned magazines and over 50 mentions in print titles.

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