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Elemental: Creating & building a niche digital comms brand

Social media is a competitive marketplace for brands, but even more so for agencies. So, how do you stand out?


How do you stand out in a competitive digital marketing arena where social media is considered a dominating force? Elemental is consultancy that has delivered these services before the term was coined, but in a crowded space, how is this message reinforced? Maintaining that Elemental’s brand is equally as important as its clients, how could you not want to work with a consultancy that knows how to nurture is own brand as well as yours?


Elemental has been writing and publishing thought leadership articles since 2001, demonstrating its expertise and sharing its knowledge. Building on the continual relationship with bloggers and journalists that seek Elemental’s feedback for features addressing digital marketing, online PR and social media. A new site was created to showcase the integrated expertise the niche consultancy has delivered over the last decade.


The consultancy remains visible in industry media such as .net, Admap, B2B Marketing, Corp Comms, Digital Arts,, New Media Age, PR Week, TechRadar and Revolution Magazine. Elemental also shares knowledge across verticals including the BBC, Business Today, Catalogue & e-business, Making Money, Third Sector and more.

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