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GE Fabbri: German launch of Little House on the Priarie DVD

Social media and online PR testing the German market for a DVD subscription launch


GE Fabbri wanted to gauge the interest in a full DVD subscription release in Germany, through a test campaign and limited DVD release. As this was the partwork publisher’s first experience of social media marketing,it wanted to understand how social media could increase site traffic, sales and support television advertising (the company’s primary route for sales).


Social media assets were integrated across the microsite and blog to ensure all translations and messaging were appropriate to the German audience. Set up social media channels including a blog, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and undertook social search and online PR to increase visibility. Regular competitions to create traction and keep the audience engaged – important when sales rely on a subscription basis. Supported television advertising, by being active and attentive on social channels during their broadcast.


Reached more than 400,000 Little House on the Prairie fans in Germany throughout the campaign, which was less than two months.  115,000 views on YouTube, 2000 members on the Facebook community, and 41% conversion from website visitors to paid subscribers.  Increased visibility and an organic social media audience that the brand can tap into for future DVD and subscriptions and demonstrated how social media can support and boost sales.

Tags: GE Fabbri, partwork publisher, DVD series, magazine subscriptions, Little House on the Prairie, Unsere Kleine Farm, social media, online pr, blogger outreach