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NESTA: Boosting innovation with digital marketing

Using blogger outreach and online PR to tap into NESTA’s growing digital audience


Appointed by National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) to extend the reach of its traditional public relations, reaching new and existing audiences. The primary goal of the campaigns we undertook for NESTA was to improve knowledge of NESTA’s work and increase participation in niche innovation campaigns. Campaigns included Future Innovators, Innovation Challenge and Hidden Innovation Sectors (including banking, mental health, construction, education and law).


Undertook online PR to reach key journalists for NESTA and its verticals. Identified key influencers across blogs, online communications and discussion boards to reach out to. Blogger outreach was undertaken to talk directly with niche audiences, and provide them with content and insight not available elsewhere, including offering exclusives on NESTA reports. Social search was undertaken to increase online visibility, and visual content optimised to have an impact in universal search.


Increased awareness of niche areas that NESTA struggled to reach with traditional PR alone. Excellent search engine visibility, including 10 out of 10 first page listings in Google under key search terms. Saw a spike in grant applications during and after digital media activity, and achieved more than 90 mentions on blogs and news sites, reaching in excess of 750,000 relevant people. Created digital legacy for NESTA to leverage for future campaigns and initiatives.

Tags: NESTA, National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts, science, technology, arts, innovation, economic growth, creative economy, online pr, blogger outreach