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New Line Cinema: Online PR for Lord of The Rings

Online PR and strategic linking case study for Lord of the Rings


New Line Cinema had one of the greatest trilogies ever (The Lord of the Rings) about to launch with the first instalment Fellowship of the Ring, but its official website was not experiencing the traffic the movie studio expected.

We reviewed the situation from a digital perspective with online PR, strategic linking and search being some of the more practical approaches to increase relevant site traffic ahead of an important launch.


We researched link equity, the number of relevant and most powerful links to and from the official site using the approaches listed above. It become apparent that although the approach may increase the website traffic, a more integrated approach and using dynamic and exclusive content would be more effective.


The strategy assisted the official Lord of the Rings website to receive relevant and consistent traffic ahead of and beyond the films release. The research uncovered how vibrant chat rooms, communities, forums and other digital environments would be excellent arenas to understand and connect with audiences.

Tags: online pr, strategic linking, New Line Cinema, Lord of the Rings, film studios, film, studios, case study