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on-IDLE: Brand development for creative & design agency

Since 1999 on-IDLE has been delivering great design and technology


on-IDLE was founded in a competitive evolving marketplace where design and development agencies were not understood. The agency wanted to do more than raise its profile, there was also the need to communicate its expertise in a developing marketing technologies.  Being a small agency that successfully punches above its weight, how did it highlight its expertise, the projects its delivered?  More importantly, how does it continue to do so?


Profiling is paramount in making spokespeople and the agency visible, but it’s more than being just visible, it’s all about demonstrating an agency has the chops to deliver what they claim.  Through thought leadership articles, features on specialist subject areas and securing columnists opportunities managed by Elemental conveyed on-IDLE’s expertise.  With its spokespeople being authors, lecturers on masters courses in the UK and Switzerland, on-IDLE are able to share the knowledge with businesses, clients and peers managed by our media relations.


With Elemental’s media relations on-IDLEs continually builds rapport with journalists resulting in over 130 mentions in off and online publications.  In doing so it solidifies on-IDLE’s profile - bringing useful kudos to the pitches that is the agency is involved and increasing its success.  Working with vertical media demonstrated the agencies experience across sectors resulting in accolades such as the Travolution Awards.

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