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Social Media Portal (SMP): Brand launch & development

Elemental launched SMP in 2007 and this how we manage its presence


The Social Media Portal (SMP) was released in a competitive digital environment, but strangely enough where brands, agencies, media and the industry as a whole had little to no confidence in or understanding of social media.

For many, social media was new and misunderstood presenting resistance for us. Regardless of the aforementioned our goal was to evolve (as we always do), in our own way, forging out own way ahead and not by bandwagon jumping. We manage our internal project SMP from its concept to launch, including its continual presence.


We launched the brand with print advertising supported with media relations, online PR, search and social media. The goal was to use SMP to convey the importance of social media, but also educate multiple audiences that is was not a new medium. Through news engine SEO and content for the site, we enabled the SMP to be become visible in search engines and related channels growing the unique visitors and subscribers.


SMP achieved launch coverage across .net, The Blog Herald, New Media Age (NMA), PR Week and more.  Appealing to a range of different stakeholders such as academics, marketers, PR and researchers it makes the brand visible to the wider digital industry and relevant verticals.  Supporting this by partnering with publishers and event organisers has built long-term relationships.

With SMP’s co-founders and editors Tim Gibbon and Rachel Hawkes knowledge, SMP has experienced over 100 mentions in titles and organisations including BCS, DMA and Revolution in addition to many business, internet and SME publications online to date.

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